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    3 months is a long time in churçh planting and much can and does happen. This has

    certainly been the case since our last news in January so here is the summary:

    • February was a month of sorting through the consequences of the

    disappointment we've had with some people. The work amongst the young

    alcoholics was suspended due to their ongoing commitment to drinking rum and

    lack of interest in following Jesus. Hopefully we will be able to resume sometime in

    the future.

    • The couples we started the church with proved not to be stayers and, after

    certain difficulties encountered with them, we were relieved to be able to rebuild

    the church without them. Trying to lead some Christians can be a "bang your head

    against the wall " experience sometimes.

    • March was better, much better. We relaunched the church in the west of the

    island where many mainland French expats have settled. We are in our element

    here. They have been our target group for much of our ministry. The feel is totally

    different and the spirit of the church is so much better. If everyone comes (and

    that's a huge « if »), there are around 35 on a Sunday morning. It's a good start to

    build with.

    • April, Vince flew to Paris to conduct evangelistic missions in the north of

    France over a 3-week period. Fantastic response! Never have we experienced so

    many coming to Christ in our meetings in France. In fact, conservatively speaking,

    over 110 people responded to salvation altar calls over the 3-week period. Pastors

    excitedly reported that the overwhelming majority of these were first time decisions

    with also some backsliders returning.

    • For the Easter crusade, 9 churches from various denominations participated.

    The Easter Sunday service had a raw revival spirit about it. As I made the salvation

    altar call, streams of people came forward...they were all women (!), with the

    exception of a 13 year-old boy. I took the boy in my arms and cried out: "Where

    are the men? Is heaven a place only for women?" As I said this, 6 young men

    came running to the front with the crowd clapping and literally roaring with joy. The

    teenager, trying to take it all in, was weeping in my arms. It was a moment never to


    • Denise was back on Reunion Island preaching on Sundays and taking the mid-
    week Bible studies. We're a good team and I am so grateful to her for being willing

    to carry the load of the ministry with me. People enjoy Denise's preaching because

    she gets even with me by telling them stories about her husband. When Denise

    does have the possibility of travelling with me they call her "Mrs Colombo" because

    they have heard of her many times but haven't met her. In March we had the joy of

    çelebrating 35 years of being married and serving God together. It's an incredible  ride we're on!

    • April was also a significant landmark for me personally. I turned 60 and was

    very pleased to get there. My pastor friends in Lille threw a party for me on the night

    of my birthday and, in the spaçe of 3 days, I had to blow out candles on 4 cakes!

    Our only regret was that Denise wasn't able to be present. We will make up for it

    when I get back. (The photo above was taken when we went out to dinner before I

    left for France.)

    • As I write, so many things come to mind of what we saw in the missions during

    April. At the end of one meeting, as I was about to leave, one finely-dressed young

    lady grabbed my attention and said, « Could I ask you a question? Sure. When

    you've committed a sin what do you have to do to be forgiven ? » Wow! I don't

    think I've actually been asked that question so directly by someone who wasn't a

    Christian. I sat down next to her and said, "So what did you do?" She told me and

    was very ashamed. I led her to the Lord there and then as she asked Jesus to

    forgive her and lift the guilt. Beautiful and powerful in it's simplicity! What a message

    we have to share !

    • So here are a couple of sexagenarians (I blush when I use that word!) still

    plugging away, trying to help one more person make it to heaven. This pioneer

    work is only made possible because of the support we receive from some

    friends and some churches who believe in what we are doing. If you would like

    to help with our financial support, could you send us an email and we will send our

    bank details through to you. Thank you so much to those who are partnering with us

    by praying and giving.

    You can follow our adventures on Facebook (Vince Esterman). The French wall

    (Ministere Vincent Esterman) is managed by our secretary who often posts photos. I

    put up the occasional English commentary.

    Our website is: www.estermanministries.com

    Thank you for your interest and your encouragement in whatever form it might take. We

    love hearing from you, our friends.

    So may God bless your lives, dear friends, and may you continue to daily experience "the

    joy of your salvation".

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